Client Bill of Rights/Services

 Client Bill of Rights HIV Services

Each person that is receiving care under the Texas Department of Health (TDH) HIV Services Program has a right to:

  1.  Not be physically or mentally abused or exploited.
  2.  Be treated with respect, consideration, and recognition of his or her dignity and individuality.  The client must also render the same to the provider to receive personal care and treatment in safe, clean surroundings.
  3.  Appropriate care regardless of his/her race, religious practice, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, or sexual orientation.
  4.  Communicate in a culturally sensitive manner to address the client’s needs for the purpose of getting any type of treatment, care, or services.
  5.  Receive services, care, and treatment regardless of any disability.
  6.  Present grievances to the Executive Director, state agencies, or other persons without fear of denial of services.  The grievance policy/procedure, as set by the administrative agency must be presented and explained to the client by any service provider.  In the event this procedure cannot be followed because of direct conflict with the administrative agency or subcontractor, the grievance will be submitted to the consortium.
  7.  Have local confidential records which cannot be released without his/her written permission.  A client may inspect his/her personal records that are maintained by the agency providing services.
  8.  Have freedom of choice when choosing a provider of comprehensive outpatient health and psychosocial support services.
  9.  Be given the opportunity to actively participate in the planning of his/her service plan or medical treatment.
  10. Refuse treatment.
  11. Participate in an annual needs assessment survey.

                        CLIENT SERVICES

Health Horizons currently provides a wide array of services. Some of the major services offered to clients are defined below:

Case Management Assistance in managing issues of daily living are provided. The needs of the clients are determined through a needs assessment and referrals are made to meet those identified needs. Many of the needs are met through Health Horizons or its subcontractors.
Counseling Health Horizons subcontracts with local counselors to provide psychological and emotional assistance for clients.
Dental Care Health Horizons contracts with local dentists to provide minor and major dental procedures.
Housing and Utility Assistance Health Insurance premiums are paid for clients who were insured during previous employment as long as they are eligible for such coverage.
Optical Service Health Horizons sub-contracts with several local providers to meet the eye care needs of the clients.
Legal Services Health Horizons has an informal agreement with Lone Star Legal Aid (formerly East Texas Legal Services) to provide legal assistance to its clients who have need of an attorney.
Support Group For the emotional well being of our clients, those with similar problems meet and address their problems in a structured group setting.
Transportation Assistance Transportation is provided for clients to medical, dental, or other health related services either through agency vehicles or through other special arrangements.
Primary Medical Care A Licensed Vocational Nurse is available to provide medical evaluations and treatment in a free standing clinic in our office facility. Arrangements can be made for clients to receive primary medical care from other physicians with whom we subcontract.
Clinical Trial Evaluation All interested clients are evaluated for possible inclusion in clinical trials. Those who qualify are referred either to the Montrose or Thomas Street Clinics in Houston or to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. In addition, findings from clinical trials are evaluated and passed on to clients.
Medical Case Management Health Horizons provides medical monitoring, evaluations, adherence counseling, and other components of medical case management for our clients.
Medication Assistance Assistance is provided for medication not covered by the State’s Medication Program or while a client is awaiting approval of the program.
Routine Blood-work and Vaccines Basic Phlebotomy is done for CBC, CD4 cell screening, viral load and other diagnostics with a current order from the client’s practitioner. Vaccines are also offered for Hepatitis A & B, Preumovax, Tetanus, and flu to all clients.
Prevention Activities HIV Counseling, Education, and testing are only some of the services that are provided to reduce HIV/AIDS infection. Clients are assisted in developing risk reduction plans supported by appropriate illustrations and referrals are made to local service providers as needed.
Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services One of our latest interventions designed to further reduce HIV infection for clients in our service area is comprehensive risk counseling services. Clients experiencing difficulties in compliance with their reduction plans are offered the services of a prevention case manager who provides the support needed for compliance.


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